About Us

How it all began?

Allegany County is the proud host of over 1200 businesses and 850 farms! The Allegany Community Development Services, Inc’s charter under the direction of Gretchen Hanchett is to promote, support and sustain success in local entrepreneurs and businesses. What better way is there than to generate business by marketing locally produced goods and services.

The “Buy local” initiative all started as a means to secure additional funding and stimulate support for the
Allegany Business Center and its patrons. “We’re reaching out to producers all across the county, we want to include their items in [Sample] boxes that will showcase the very best packaged specialty foods that our area has to offer,” says Gretchen Hanchett, Business and Community Development Director of the Allegany Business Center.

What is the initiative?

The Allegany Business Center’s “Buy Local” initiative is a web based venture focused on promoting and supporting local businesses in Allegany County. This venture is focused on marketing locally produced goods through sample boxes that are:

  • A representation of the “Bounty From Our County
  • An easy way to send an Allegany County care-package to far-away friends or relatives
  • Great gifts for employees, volunteers and clients
  • Great for showing appreciation
  • A means to say thank you or to reward, impress or remember someone

In addition, this venture includes an online business directory listing of Allegany County businesses. Consumers can find these local businesses and are able to make contact for goods and services.

Why buy local?

Shopping local businesses creates jobs, stimulates the economy, sells houses, and gets people into restaurants and to local events.

When you choose to Buy Local you:

  1. Contribute to Job growth and wage increases
  2. Foster local prosperity
  3. Enhance community well-being
  4. Keep dollars local
  5. Promote Entrepreneurship
  6. Engage environmental sustainability
  7. Share in local pride

Where to buy/support?

Bounty From Our County” sample boxes are currently available for purchase at the:
Greater Allegany Chamber of Comerce,
Crossroads Commerce & Conference Center
6087 State Route 19N, Suite 120
Belmont, New York, 14813

Boxes can also be purchased online at www.TasteofAlleganyCountyNY.com.
Support and utilize the local business directory at www.BuyLocalAlleganyCountyNY.com.

What are the Benefits?

The sample box is:

  1. An ideal Gift
  2. A perfect award
  3. Ideal for showing appreciation
  4. A sample of local culinary talents
  5. A great care-package for far-away friends and relatives
  6. A piece of home to send abroad

When you purchase/send a box you:

  1. Share the pride of the county
  2. Showcase the best of Allegany County
  3. Support local businesses
  4. Market the County
  5. Generate exposure for local businesses
  6. Contribute to local pride
  7. Strengthen the reputation of the County

You can learn more about Greater Allegany Chamber of Commerce by following the links